Rasika Borse

Hello! My name is Rasika and I co-teach this training and performance program. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Dance from University of Calgary in 2013 and my Masters of Fine Arts in Dance from Sam Houston State University (SHSU) in 2018. My training mainly lies in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Tap. During my time in Calgary I was an instructor at Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, The Young Canadians School of Performing Arts, and Soul Feet Dance Productions. I now work as an Adjunct Lecturer of Dance at SHSU and am thrilled to be starting this program with my amazing co-director, Jennah.

Jennah Mohamed

My name is Jennah and I co-teach this curriculum. While in the process of completing my Masters of Public Health at the University of London, I work as a Registered Nurse in Urgent Care. I have been dancing for 23 years and have trained in various styles of dance such as Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Indian Folk dances, Jazz, and of course Bollywood. I have had the opportunity to perform in Houston, India, Portugal and all across Canada. I enjoy teaching dance workshops as I have done so at Central Memorial High School, FFCA, Mount Royal University and Sam Houston State University. I was an instructor at Soul Feet Dance Productions for 5 years and more recently have furthered my dance education at DJD and Pulse Studios. I look forward to getting creative and working with our fellow dancers!


Alisha Ruhani

Hello! My name is Alisha Ruhani and I am a part of the Bollywood Signature dance team. I have been dancing for around 12 years, and have been training in various different styles, one of them obviously being Bollywood! Dancing has always been a way I express myself, and I can definitely say some of the best memories I’ve had in my life include some sort of dancing! Currently, I am in my last year of high school at Foundations for the Future Charter Academy! I am super excited to work with everyone on the team, and continue to develop my skills! 

Alisha Shivji

Hello! My name is Alisha and I am a member of the performing dance team. I am a pharmacist by profession and work in oncology. I have been dancing for 23 years and have received training primarily in Kathak, Bollywood, and Hip-Hop. Formal training aside - like many other bollywood dancers, I have enjoyed choreographing, teaching, and performing dances for various family functions and weddings. I was most recently a part of a Bollywood performing team under Bollywood Beats in Edmonton and look forward to growing and bonding with the Bollywood Signature team here in Calgary!

Alishah Qassamali

My name is Alishah, I am currently finishing up a BBA at Mount Royal University, as well as I am a Manager of Customer Experience for a Financial Institution.   I have been dancing for 18 years and have received training in Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Kathak, Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary. I have been a part of many project and dance teams over the years and have had the opportunity to compete, choreograph, teach, and perform. The aspect of dance I love most is being able to express yourself with no words needed. I am so excited to be a part of the Bollywood Signature team.

Aliza Dosani

My name is Aliza Dosani and this is my second year at Bollywood Signature! I have been dancing for the past 12 years and have received training in various styles of dance including Bollywood, Indian Classical dance, folk and fusion. Despite this, I am constantly seeking to learn different styles, and grow as a dancer. I absolutely love performing and feel a special energy on stage. I have had the pleasure of dancing for events such as Globalfest, Barnstorm Houston, the Calgary Stampede and most of all at community events. I also teach an adult Bollywood Fusion class at a studio every week! I am currently in my fifth year of Psychology at Mount Royal University and hope to pursue dance alongside my career.

Arman Lakhu

My name is Arman and I am a dancer at Bollywood Signature. I am a student at the University of Ottawa and I am studying Conflict Studies and Human Rights. I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. Being exposed to multiple different styles of Bollywood dance, I hope to further my dance career by enhancing my skills and learning from others. For me, learning more about different styles of dance and implementing these teachings into my dances is something I hope to accomplish during my time at Bollywood Signature. 

Farizah Hirani

My name is Farizah Hirani and I have been dancing for around 14 years. I have grown up around a family of dancers, and it is all I have ever known and loved. I am trained in multiple styles of dance including Bollywood, Classical, fusion as well as a little bit of hip hop. I truly feel like I am at my best self when I am performing, and that is something I am thankful for. I have danced for multiple events including the National Jubilee Arts Festival, Globalfest as well as the Calgary Stampede. I have also choreographed and performed at the Canadian Post-Secondary Ismaili Games and multiple community events. Currently, I am in my second year of a Bachelor in Elementary Education at the University of Alberta and am hoping to use my knowledge of dance within my teaching career.

Kaisha Hirji

My name is Kaisha and this is my second year as a member of the core dance team. I recently graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Bachelors of Education in Modern Languages and a Bachelors of Arts in French/Spanish. I am currently residing in London, UK as I completing my MA at UCL. Alongside my passion for learning new languages and playing soccer, I have been dancing for the past 19 years. I have received training in various styles of dance including; Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Kathak. I have performed at and participated in many dance events such as; dance competitions, Globalfest, the Calgary Stampede, and of course community events. I have also had the pleasure of teaching workshops at the University of Calgary. One of the biggest highlights of summer 2021 was taking part in the ‘Journey Through India’ performance and having the opportunity to learn from so many talented individuals. I look forward to continuing to work with the BollySign team this year.

Malika Bandali

Hey! My name is Malika, and I am thrilled to be part of the team. This is my first year! I currently reside in Kelowna, BC but am originally from Tanzania. I started dancing from a very young age and quickly fell in love with it. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.

Maya Moloo

Hi everyone! My name is Maya, and I am so excited to be a part of the Bollywood Signature Team. My passion for dance began when my parents would play a DVD filled with Shah Rukh Khan music videos, and ever since, I have been infatuated with all things Bollywood. I have been dancing for 13 years, and I enjoy learning all styles of dance. I have training in different styles of dance, such as Kathak, Bollywood, and Hip-Hop. One of the things I love most about performing is the feeling of being free on stage and thriving off of the energy from the audience. I am looking forward to improving my skills as a dancer and to be a part of a wonderful team of skilled dancers. 

Qaisara Mohamed

My name is Qaisara Mohamed and I have been dancing for the past 4 years. I began my training in Bharatnatyam and transitioned to Bollywood, folk and fusion forms of dance. The community aspect of dance means the world to me as I have had the opportunity to build lifelong friendships in a supportive environment while further enhancing my skills. When I am not attending Mount Royal University for Early Childhood Education, balancing part-time work, and a whole list of extra-curricular activities, you will find me watching my favourite Bollywood movies with a hot cup of Chai in hand. 

Sareena Lakhu

My name is Sareena and this is my first year on the Bollysign team! I am a recent graduate from the University of Lethbridge with a double degree in education and social sciences. I have been dancing since I was two years old and I have had the opportunity to perform, teach, and choreograph. I'm looking forward to being a part of the Bollywood Signature Team!

Sehreen Abbany

My name is Sehreen Abbany and I am in grade 11 taking French Immersion. I have been dancing for the past 12 years. I started off with tap and ballet and later progressed to Bollywood dance. I have had the opportunity to dance on several different occasions such as Global Fest, The Calgary Stampede, Jubilee Arts Festival as well as other community and private events. This will be my first year with Bollywood Signature! I look forward to expanding my dance portfolio and joining this wonderful group of dancers! 

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