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Journey Through India


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An evening of celebrating dances of India.


About Journey Through India

Journey Through India is our passion project which will allow us to bring a little part of India to Calgary through dance. This evening-length performance will tap into seven different states of India and will showcase eight of their authentic dance forms.

The story will follow a young girl and her dost (friend) whose mission is to find the magical object that will grant the dost the power to dance forever! This evening is sure to be educational for the younger audience members as they will get a chance to join in on the search of the object, and a night of pure enteraintment for the adults.

Thank you to Decidedly Jazz Danceworks for accepting our application for the Creative Arts Residency. This show would not have been possible without this residency! 

Thank you to Servejit Massey, Bob Arshi, and Neeru Kashyap for the constant support and for providing us with rehearsal space at Maria Montessori Education Centre and Jubilee Banquet Event Center. 

To our cast, crew, and co-choreographer, Kshitij Vaishnav,  you have become our family and we hope to continue to build this bond with each of you in the future. We appreciate the endless hours of rehearsals together. 

Last, but certainly not the least, thank you to our family, friends, and well-wishers for trusting us along the way and for helping us bring the show to life. 

Cast Members

States of India We Will be Visiting


The fifth largest state of India is home to the very popular folk dances, such as Garba and Dandiya. Typically, these are done during the nine-day festival called Navratri. This is a celebration of goddess Durga defeating the evil demon Mahishasur. Enjoy this high-energy dance as our grumpy granny shows us her best moves!


Fun fact: India's first floating post office as made on a houseboat in Srinagar, Kashmir. This beautiful place is home to India's longest ropeway with the Gulmarg Gondola covering a distance of 5km. Join our carefree soul as she explains Rouf, a dance style seen and performed specifically in the Jammu Kashmir regions. 

Tamil Nadu

Our twins in Tamil Nadu are not only talented, but love the traditional and folk dances of this states. First, they will showcase the oldest classical dance style in India called Bharatanatyam. Join them as they teach us a few mudras (hand gestures). 
Next, they will be switching it up and performing Koothu, which is a folk dance employed in popular film and cinema music in the South. Feel free to clap, cheer, and whistle along to the fun beats!

Uttar Pradesh

Fun fact: Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India with a population of over 200 million. Along with falling in love with our Princess Parineeti, you will surely fall in love with the dance for Kathak. With its turns and beats, this form is one of the eight main forms of classical dances of India.


Bhangra is a folk dance native to Punjab that was usually done by farmer during the harvest season. For many years, farmers performed Bhangra to showcase a sense of accomplishment and welcome the new harvesting season. Our gudi (girl) and her friends will be using a prop called Sapp to keep time, rhythm, and beat!


Ganesha, also known as Ganapati or Vinayaka, is one of the most well-known and worshiped deities throughout India and several other countries. Although, he has many characteristics, the one to set him apart is his elephant head. Join our cast to learn more about the festival that takes place every year usually in late-August or early September.


Our last step will be in India's largest state. Rajasthan quite literally meaning 'The Land of Kings' compromises most of the wide and inhospitable Thar Desert (Great Indian Desert). Enjoy Reshma the Puppeteer's take in the famous Kathputli dance. 

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Special Notes

Tech Director: Shakil Shivji

Stage Manager: Maya Lakhu 

Script Recording and Editing: Scott Henderson & Lauren Ireland

Costume Designer: Megha Agrawal - Rhythm Dance Wear 

Costume Alterations: Qaisara Mohamed 

Rehearsal Space: 
Decidedly Jazz Danceoworks Creative Arts Residency 
Servejit Massey at Maria Montessori Education Centre 
Jubilee Banquet and Event Center 

Projections, Music Editing & Videography: 
Kshitij Vaishnav

Makeup Artists: 
Alishah Qassamali 
Farizah Hirani 


Ticket Setup: 
Ashish Chougule 

Henna Artist: 
Muneera Kotadia

Provided by Royal Mango Shiva

Aahil Dawoodani

Live Stream: 
Shakil Shivji 

Fusion Bollywood

Aly Dharsee 
Kiyana Nanji 
Maya Nanji
Jenna Jadavji
Sadiq Shivji 
Ishita Singla 
Inaara Kanji
Saheel Punja 
Ayleen Dosani
Shanze Kemani

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